Wednesday, November 10, 2010


alhamduliLlahi Rabbil 'alamin...
Allahumma solli 'ala saiyidina Muhammad
alfatihi lima ughliqo wal khatimi lima sabaqa
nasiril haqqa bilhaq
wal hadi ila siratikal mustaqim
wa 'ala alihi wa sohbihi haqqa qadrihi wa miqdarihil 'azim...

If you think you are a Muslim who believe in God, let is stand up!!!! to build our unite for the sake of Islam...let us spread the beauty of our all mankind...i, we and you are the vicegerent of Allah to fulfill this responsibility. don't just waste your time with things are useless....


قم يا فلان فأذن أنه لا يدخل الجنة الا مؤمن"
"ان الله يؤيد الدين برجل فاجر

Oh you stand up! say it together
None enters paradise save a true believer
Allah shall support this religion
With a sinful man with a wicked man

Some people see barriers
In classes and in colours
Some people are wiser
But some believe they are hollier

Feel the heart of everyone
See through our differences

You and I have the power
Think good of one another
So stand up and take our places
And do what we do better
Spend sometime to know ourselves
Help the other

the reality is, our life in this world are not remain...we have to go back to our GOd one day...maybe tomorrow, next week, next month and whenever are... the most important thing, we have to change our paradigm to be a very good servant to HIM... please bear in our mind that, WE MUST DIE ONE DAY!!!!!!!!!OUR LIFE NOW IS FOR THE NEXT LIFE.....


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